Production Notes

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was a big surprise to me. I was expecting a little more than a lushful ps5 tech demo and I got one of the most enjoyable Zelda-like experiences in my life. Maybe the best since Okami. The meticulous level design, great pacing, engaging combat, breathtaking vistas and heart-felt characters... I loved it to the extent of completing it at Master difficulty! For this mini-gallery, I chose to focus on the two most iconic bosses, my favourite vista in the game and the irresistible fluffiness of baby Rot. The whole game is a gem to behold, but I ended up selecting only five shots, because I think no more are needed to make justice to Kena'se both idyllic and dark fantasy art direction.

Post-Production Breakdown

Kena's Photo Mode is a simple and basic tool with a couple of appreciated features. Selective focus in particular works very well, producing convincing blurred background and foreground elements. There is no saturation control, so here and there I added some vividness with Photoshop.


Minor Post-Production: CHERRY ON TOP (vividness adjustment), HEADBANGING (vividness adjustment), OUT OF THE WOODS (local vividness/brightness adjustment)

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