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Italian Virtual Photographer Cristiano Bonora

Featured on Kotaku.com and EveryEye.it

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All game trademarks and assets belong to their owners. All shots belong to me. Please do not use without credit AND permission.


What is Virtual Photography?

VP (also known as In-game photography, screenshot art, screenshot photography and gaming photography) is photography of and within the virtual worlds of videogames using a virtual camera software. For further details, please refer to the Manifesto.

Do you edit your shots?

Mostly I don't. When I do, it's image optimization, not manipulation. This includes but is not limited to: brightness and contrast correction, small graphical glitches removal, color balance and saturation adjustment. Generally, what you see is what I get from a console game Photo Mode. I respect screenshot artists working on high-end PCs and/or heavily editing their work, but I like people to know my shots come straight from the same games they can play in their living rooms. Their surprise at finding out this is one of the joys of doing what I do.

Why *Vertical* Gaming Photography?

Because most of my shots are in portrait orientation. A landscape (horizontal) orientation depicts a scene, whereas vertical photography makes a firm statement on it. I want my photography to comprehend, glorify and even discuss virtuality, not only observe it, and the portrait orientation just better fits the task.

What do you offer?

The publishers and the press usually ask me for ingame photo galleries, social media content, art prints for events and office decoration.

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